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Because I don’t have college experience in this field, I have had to learn things on my own or from others. There is a thrill that comes from designing a logo or anything for that matter, for me when it is all finished I feel like what I assume the rush a sky diver gets. Even at the start of a project I feel that rush. Coming up with new and fresh ideas, that is what keeps my very short attention span locked into designing so tightly.

Why did I choose Logo design? Well logos to me are much more than just a way to tell what company is in that building. It tells the story of the company there is emotion in a logo. I’m not saying it’s the designers emotions. I am pretty sure when a business owner looks at the drafts and sees one he really likes he doesn’t say “Yep that one will do.” I would have to believe there is more emotions than that. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

I look at logo designers and I am envious. I want that. So here I am, right here, right now ready to make my first step. I would like people to look at my work and tell me what they truly think, I don’t want sweet nothings because they will not help me. I am still trying to find me

A little about what I have.

I use Inkscape because I don’t have the money for Illustrator. Would I like to use Illustrator? Of course, but it is expensive and I feel like Inkscape is such a powerful program that it can more than handle the job.

Inkscape is a great program that I am still learning. I also use GIMP. Both are free and they have a plethora of online tutorials.

For Inkscape I really enjoy watching Nick Saporito on YouTube. And when I am really stuck I check out Inkscapes tutorials at

I listen to Creative Pep Talk withAndy J Miller.
And The Graphic Sound with Brandon Rike. I am just diving into the community because I didn’t think there was one. You know what they say about assumptions..
These two guys are real. They talk about the struggle and hustling to grow and learn.

I will be posting some of my work because I could use the feed back. So the next post I will be talking and showing what I am doing to brand myself and the process behind it. I hope to see you there and thank you for stopping by.

The Scruffy Guy


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