(Revised)The Scruffy Christian


I have followed and listened, I have turned my back on the world but I just keep sinning.

Where is the grace? Where is the faith and the strength in myself to do what I need to? To pick myself up everyday and live for You.

It’s hard to wake every day, knowing that the same old temptation will run me through the same shit I have already been through.

It’s hard, to fight the same fight every day of my life against something I can’t see, Father I need you, please comfort me.

I’m trying, but some days it just feels like I am dying. Like I am being pulled farther from you Father, but I don’t want to, I need you.

Father God, I know I will meet you one day, but I’m afraid of what you will say, about the things I have done with my days, and nights alone.

None of it was ever really worth it, I just wish I could be a little closer to perfect. I am ashamed of the sins I have committed againt you, I love you Father, I miss you.

But every morning I wake up, and I strive to do better, because in the end Father, I know you will love me forever.


The Scruffy Man


4 thoughts on “(Revised)The Scruffy Christian

  1. “Sin” is a dead issue with God. Solved 2 thousand years ago. “It is Finished,” He said. You’re separation from God is a delusion. Live as it doesn’t exist.

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  2. A guy called Paul cried out in the same way as did a murderous, deceitful, adulterous king with a contrite heart.

    You are in a very good place right now. Knowing yourself in all honesty, in being naked before God and in public, you are where Grace covers your butt. Since you do not deserve it and cannot earn it.

    Such is Grace.

    Been there, done that, so often I am ashamed to show my face on the street.

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  3. It requires “faith” with God. His truth doesn’t equate with ours. HIS is better. You have the freedom to choose. Choose His way. Let it [sin] GO. Move on. The chains of guilt will vanish when replaced with faith.


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