Paul’s Journal: entry 3

Dear Journal,

Where do I begin? For starters I went to my wife’s lawyers office and signed the papers that needed to be signed. Thinking back I can’t imagine where it went south. We fought yes but we always made up, we laughed together, kissed often and held hands whenever we were in the same room.

My friend/co-worker Dan has been telling me “You shouldn’t dwell, she isn’t. Move on, you deserve better.” Why does this have to happen? Why did everything have to change? It was perfect, well at least I thought so.

I stopped by the store on the way home from work today. I got the stuff on my list and then grabbed some whiskey, nothing fancy just something to wash away the pain. Sounds cliche I know but I don’t care I lost the love of my life, I am aloud to drink my self-pity away every once and awhile.

Why do some people view marriage as so disposable? No one takes time to care anymore, I think we are all so self consumed that we forgot marriage was supposed to be about sharing a life with someone else.

Well tonight I am going to sit down eat my dinner and watch The Walking Undead on the television. This episode should be good. Darren got separated from the others in the woods, Darren can really slay those Undead with a sling-shot. Until next time.



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