Paul’s Journal: Entry 4

Dear Journal,

Last night I could hardly sleep, my head was pulsing with pain. I took some ibuprofen that didn’t help at all. And then at some point last night my nose started bleeding because my pillow has blood on it. This divorce is killing me.

I called the Dr. Gary and made a appointment in two days so hopefully I can get a rest until then.

This moring I skipped breakfast, really wasn’t feeling up to it. I went to work after calling the doctor and got caught up on some stuff. As I was working I could swear I could hear my wife laughing in Dan’s cubicle. And it wasn’t like “Haha funny joke.” it was more like “You’re too cute” kind of laugh, I would know I heard it often. I thought of a excuse to walk by but it was just Dan, typing away at his keyboard.

What is going on with me? Journal, I wish you could answer my questions. It feels great to write about this stuff but there is no one to comment or give a helpful piece of advice. That is all for today.



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