The Adventures of Henry&David

The Raging River


Henry we should make some swords just incase we run into any trouble.” David said while holding up a stick he had found on the edge of the path.

That is a good idea Davie we never know what we may run into out here.” He said.

Henry finds himself a stick about four feet long and swings it around a bit to get a feel for it then picks up a smaller stick for the hilt.

“This should do quite nicely.” Said Henry

Henry pulls out some rope cuts off a small piece with the pocket knife his dad gave him and then fashions the hilt onto the “blade”. After that he sharpens the tip a little bit.

“Wow, Henry that sword is so cool!” Said David. He held up a curved branch about three feet long and a small stick.

“Bring it over here Davie and I will make you one.” He told his little brother.

After Henry had finished their swords they slid them in between their belts and pants and continued on their journy.

They would have to climb over fallen trees or duck under low branches. Every once and a while they would stop and rest. They would be on guard, pretending they heard bandits or other kinds of evil creatures in the surrounding area. When they were done resting they would smother the fake campfire and start pressing forward, that is until they came upon the raging river.

Well a creek really, about 5 feet wide and only a quarter of the way full with very slow current but to them it was a raging river about fifteen feet across and six feet deep at its deepest point.

Henry we have to get over this river but the current is to fast, do you have any ideas?” David said with a puzzled look on his face.

Henry studied the area trying to come up with a way to cross this massive river. Further down the river he spots a pine tree leaning over the river like it is getting ready to fall.

Over there, that pine tree look ready to fall over the river, I say we help it fall and use it as a bridge.” explained Henry.

Great idea.” replied David.

Both boys ran over to the nearly fallen tree and they start kicking it but the tree doesn’t seem to move.

This doesn’t seem to be working.” David said breathing heavily.

Henry starts looking around the river side. “We will have to make a axe or something, if I could find a sharp rock and a solid stick we could make one.” He said.

I can find a stick.” David exclaimed.

Hit it on a tree make sure it won’t break.” He yelled to his brother.

After a couple of minutes both boys found what they were looking for and met back up at the tree where Henry began crafting a make-shift axe.

He held the sharp rock and began splitting the end of the stick with it, after that he shoved the sharp rock in between the spilt end and used some rope to tie it up so the axe head wouldn’t fly off.

Perfect! Let’s get to work.” He said holding the axe up. He walked over to the decaying pine and begin chopping at it hit after hit the tree began to give way until, with a loud POP the tree fell connecting both sides of the river.

Henry slid his new axe between his belt and pants on the other side. Henry grabbed the rope from his bag tied one end to a near by tree.

Okay Davie I am going to cross first. I will tie the other end of this rope to a tree over there so incase you slip you will have something to hold on to.” Henry explained to David.

David nodded and watch his brother cross the raging river on the tree they had just chopped down.

Be careful Henry!” He yelled to his big brother.

Henry walked the downed tree like a tight rope, with his arms out to help with balance. He cross the tree with ease, he tied the rope up and waved for his brother to start crossing.

Come on over, it’s not that bad” he yelled

That’s easy for you to say you’re not afraid of heights.” David mumbled.

At first David started to walk his way across but started to slip. So he sat on the downed tree and started to scoot across. Looking down David could see the river rushing pass. The water would splash at his feet every once and a while, but after a few nerve wracking minutes he made it.

Henry grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

You did it Davie! Great job.” Henry said patting his little brother on the back.

David felt great and the pat on his back gave him a smile. He had punched his fear right in the nose.

That was awesome!” He said with a big smile on his face.

The boys gathered themselves and started walking back to the path. Once they reached the path they looked back, smiled at each other and continued on their journey.

(To Be Continued..)


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