The Adventures of Henry&David

The Pine Forest


Through the dense woods filled with ferns, thickets, and wild flowers. Among the thick trees is a path that leads to a distant somewhere. This path winds deep into the forest around trees over and through streams, past small ponds and under low hanging branches.

And on this path made by hunter and prey is a journey. One with a beginning, a middle and end. A path of two brothers David who is 10 and Henry who is 12.

The smell of the pine trees linger in the air like a permanent mist, the scent has a sweet smell from the wild flowers that grow near by. The two brothers stand at the mouth of the rough path.

Where does this path go?” asked David.

I don’t know” replied Henry ” Dad said it was a game trail, so probably to a water source and food I would guess.

Do you want to see where it leads?” David asks Henry.

Sure, let’s go get some adventuring stuff first.” He replied.

So the boys rush back to the house. They grab their backpacks and load them with a flash light, extra batties, extra clothes, some rope, walkie talkies a camera and other things they may need on their new and exciting adventure.

They stop by the kitchen and tell their mother about their soon to be adventure.

Would you boys like a snack for the trip?” She asks with a warm smile.

Yes please!” The boys replied excitedly.

So their mother fixes them both a sandwich with a small bag of chips and some juice.

Be back before sunset.” She said.

Yes ma’am!” The boys replied and rush out the backdoor, they ran towards the edge of the woods in their backyard. With their backpacks equipped they made their way into the dense pine forest just beyond their backyard.

I wonder what we will find” said David “Wouldn’t is be cool if we found a castle in the woods Henry?

I doubt we will find a castle, we don’t have castles in this part of the world” Henry said.

David and Henry made their way through the forest with wonder in their eyes, doing their best to stay on the path. Sun shafts peaked through from the morning Sun. The boys where on their way to find out if that pine forest held any secrets.

(To Be Continued…)


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