The Adventures of Henry&David


After the boys had tackled the river and continued down the path a ways they stopped for lunch. They found a clearing on the side of the path that had a fallen tree they could use as a bench.

Henry gathered up some rocks and placed they in a circle to form fire pit. David gather sticks and branches and placed them in the pit then Henry pretended to light it. It wasn’t cold out, it was the middle of summer but the boys pretended to shiver.

They grabbed their brown paper lunch bags their mother had made for them and started eatting their lunch at their make shift camp site.

How much further do you think this path leads Henry?” David asked his older brother, while wiping peanut butter from the corner of his mouth.

I’m not sure Davie, could go on for miles. We will go a little further and see.” Henry replied.

The boys finished up their lunches put out the fake fire grabbed their backpacks and continued on.

On their way they pretended to get into fights with tail robbers. They would swing their wooden swords at branches on a tree pretending to block an attack. Then they would finish off their attacker with a killing jab to the chest. They would run into traders on the path and they would trade a odd shaped pine cone for a trinket made out of whatever they could find.

They continued on the winding path through the forest.

Davie stay here I am going to scout up ahead, I see something and I want to make sure it is safe.” Henry said.

Awww I want to see it too.” Davie told his brother in a whiny voice.

You will, I just want to make sure it is safe.” Henry replied.

Oh, okay.” Davie sat down behind a tree.

Henry crouched down looking at the object ahead and ran to the next tree, watching. The closer he came he realized he was looking a a old abandoned house made from logs and stone. The door was hanging from the bottom hinge and the windows broken, half the roof was collapsed in.

He snuck up closer to the structure watching the door and windows for any sign of movement. Occasionally he would look back to make sure his brother stayed back, which he did.

Finally Henry made it to the house and peeked into the window to see if anyone was home. Nothing but some furniture and leaves were in the broken down house.

DAVIE!” Henry yelled.

WHAT?” David yelled back.


David stood up and ran to where he saw his brother. In awe both boys stood in front of the decaying house.

Cool, we can have a club house!” David said breaking the silence.

There is a lot of work to do.” Henry replied in a excited tone.

We need to fix the roof, the door and the windows, plus clean up the inside.” Henry said making a mental note of everything.

The boys opened the door enough for them to peek inside. It was a nice place despite the half of the roof laying on the floor plus dirt and leaves all over the place. The house had a dining room table and cabinets, a couple wooden chairs and a fireplace. There were pictures still hanging up and other items on shelfs and in corners. The boys had their work cut out for them. And knowing they would have their hands full they headed back home with a list in their minds and excitement in every step they took. They couldn’t wait to come back and work their very own club house.

But that is a story for another time.


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