Moon Fall


The sound of it caused the world to shutter,
A rouge slamming into the moon
Setting in motion a future collision of child and parent,
It was a near miss shearing off a chunk of it and sending it onto us all,
It’s pieces raining down on causing fire and panic,
Our moon forever crescent and speeding toward the sun.

This is about a dream I had last night about our moon having been struck by a massive comment and set speeding towards the earth. I woke up in my dream to see our moon taking up a large portion the horizon, it was massive. I turned on the tv and read that a comet roughly half the size of the moon impacted it and sent it straight towards earth. In the end I set on a roof top of a tall building with my wife and we watched it move past the earth but a small portion skimmed the atmosphere and pieces of the moon fell from the sky.

It was a strange dream, and I don’t dream often so it was memorable.
Thanks for reading.


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