Recently I have cut my posts down not because I no longer enjoy this but because I wanted to bring better quality stuff to you.

Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy and I have been writing lyrics but unfortunately I cannot post them publicly. I have been getting back into writing punk lyrics lately (it takes me back to younger days) and some of this is very personal  to me and since I have family that reads this blog I can’t really post because I am not ready to talk to family about it. Which sucks because I really feel like it’s some good stuff.

Here is what I propose if you would like to read it and you do not personally know me let me know and we can step up a way for you to see it. For a teaser two titles are “Your Farts Don’t Smell like Roses” and “Fuck Snapchat” also compared to my other stuff this stuff is very strongly worded. Just warning you. I will be posting some new stuff that will be public sometime this week.

Thanks for reading!



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