Child At Heart

I can’t wait until my son is old enough to build and create. I am a kid at heart, I have always been that way. I love playing hide and seek, board games, building with Lego bricks.

When I was younger we had video games but nothing would beat the feeling of excitement when you pretended to be in the middle of a war, or fighting a dragon or evil witch. 

When I was younger my brother and I would play store but instead of buying all the toy store parts we would grab the ads from the local Sunday paper and start cutting stuff out that would be in our store. We would set our room up like a store and have different departments, one for the deli, groceries, toys, tools, personal hygiene, etc.

We would also go for adventures in the woods and tree lines near our suburb home. A part of me longs for the “days of ole” but I can’t wait to experience that stuff with my son.

A lot of things run through my thoughts about how good of a father I will actually be to my son. And finding out a few weeks ago that my wife is pregnant again it brings on those haughting feeling of “God I hope I am man enough for this.”

I know just like in the past I will fall short or fail at somethings, I just want is best for my kids. That is all that matters to me really. And for me, my most memorable moments in childhood was fun, playing, and exploring.

So as a grown ass man I will put my little kid pants on and I will do all theses thing with my kids when they are old enough.

For now I will just sit and wait impatiently for the day my kids and I can dress up like astronauts and explore a new and uncharted planet(the backyard).

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