I am Scruffy

I started this Scruffy image for a few reasons.

One reason being to hide who I am to keep my  private life private. Another reason because I wanted to brand myself, I am a scruffy guy inside and out.

The simple definition of scruffy according to Merrimack-Webster is : not neat, clean, or orderly.

Outside, my beard is pretty scruffy I spend a lot of time trying to make it look somewhat nice. I may spend too much time on it because my wife jokes about how much time I spend in the bathroom. I am also not into keeping up with fashion trends, I wear what I where.(although I am partial to the 40’s and 50’s fashions)

Inside, I am a sinner my heart and mind are unclean, but through the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus I am saved.

Who is the Man Behind Scruffy?

I am a father to 1 son and a another on the way, I also have two other children who are currently being adopted by their step-father. In my heart it is not what I want, this is something they wanted. I will always love them and to me they will always be my children.

I am a husband to a wonderful wife who deserves so much better, she is strong, independent, smart, beautiful and an amazing mother.

I am a son to a Mom who is as strong as Superman, smart and compassionate, who gave it her all to raise two boys for the most part on her own. And a father who showed me hard work does pay off, and that it is possible to become a better person.

I am a brother to a man who was there for me more than most and wasn’t afraid to put me in my place when I got out of hand, who served his country, who is a role model in every sense of the word.

I am a Christian, I have been for most of my life what I considered to be a Baptist. As I get older though my views on things have changed and they still do. The one thing that has not is my love for my Creator and Savior.

So today I have decided to show you all what I look like, for whatever reason. Well I guess it’s because all the people I follow and really look up to have revealed themselves at some point.

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