Getting My Name Out There.

So earlier this week I decided to make a poetry ebook. I know it will all be self promotion but I at least want to try. I have some what of a structure on how I want the book to go, what the main topic is, how many pages I want it to be roughly and when I find time I am thinking about the cover design.

Book cover mock-up.

I have always liked poetry, I remember writing when I was younger. I wish I could find those poems it would be interesting to see what I wrote about. It wasn’t until this year I started writin again. One of the reasons being I have too much going on in my head I needed to clear it out.

I know there are other ways of getting noticed but in a online world full of fake ads and thieves, I don’t really know who and what sites to trust. So here I am asking my followers who know what’s what and who’s who if they can point me to some places they used or know that is trustworthy.

I want to also say I am open for followers to repost my stuff. I am 100% open to critiques, I would like to grow in the craft more. I would like to get my poems out there and not to become famous but because I would like other to enjoy them.

They ebook will be one of the biggest projects I have taken on in my life and I hope it will be enjoy by all who read it.


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