The Little Robot Part 1 (revised)


This short story was released by myself back in 2-14-16. I have since gone through it and corrected some mistakes and added some thing to help the story along. I am planning for a part two this Christmas. And as a listening companion please stream or purchase the below mentioned album. It’s not a must but it makes it even more enjoyable.

Also I am in no way associated with the band, which has in fact retired earlier this year.

*This story is inspired but the album Silver City by Falling Up*

In a far away mystical land covered in ice and snow, there is a bustling city with buildings made of shining steel and windows.

This city is not marked on a map or found on any device. Over miles and miles you must traverse through deep snow and slick ice.

This city, Silver City is home to people great and small, round and thin, short and tall. All kinds of humans and creatures call home to Silver City, even though the weather makes it seem just a little too dreary.

But outside the Silver City walls is where our story begins, in a tiny toy shop ran by a toymaker, named Finn.

Part 1

Inside Finn’s tiny toy shop a fireplace dimly lights the room, casting shadows here and there while adding a darker hue to everything in the room. Finn is busy at his work bench humming a tune while he slowly and carefully constructs a new toy.

Finn in his late sixties and is a short man with a round belly. His wrinkles show his years and the glasses on his face show that the years have began to take his eyesight. He lays down his paintbrush and grabs for his wrench while not looking, focusing on his new little invention and grabs a screwdriver instead.

“Oh dear! This is not the tool I wanted.” He says to himself as he puts the tool back and looks away long enough to find the tool to do the job. Then he continues to construct the toy and begins to hum again.

” Ah there you are my little robot.” Finn says in a soft voice while he grins. Holding up the little blue-grey robot as his grin begins to grow.

“I have the perfect place for you…” he says.

“Hmmm..” he  wonders.

” What should we call you my little robot? Sam? Noo… Jesse?… Nooo..” he said.

“Pete is your name my little friend.” He said as he smiled big and bright. He walk with Pete while he cradled him in his hands and placed him very carefully on a pedestal in front the shop window.

Finn walk over to the counter, cleaned out the register putting the money in his lock box and slid it back into the safe under the counter. He grabbed a tag with a little hole on one end and quickly jotted down a price and name on it and looped some yarn through the hole and tied it so to close the loop.

Finn walked back over to Pete and slipped the tag around the robot’s neck. The tag read: “Pete the Robot, 13 silver”.
Finn leaned over and kissed Pete and patted his head softly. “You will make some child very happy Pete, I have no doubt.” He said.

Finn walked over to the fireplace and extinguished the fire then walked to the coat rack, grabbed his coat and put it on. He buttoned it up tight so not to let the cold air chill him. Then he grabbed his scarf flung it around his neck, and next his hat from the hook and placed it on his balding head.

He flipped the sign to the closed side, opened the old wooden door, stepped out into the cold world and shut and locked it behind him.

The shop was now dark, a faint blue hue from the moon was all that lit up the room. There was a whistle ever once and awhile from the wind blowing through a small crack in a window pain somewhere in the shop.

Pete sat quiet and still. The ticking sound of little critters nails tapping the wood as they ran around cautiously looking for scraps from Finn’s lunch or some sugary treats drop by a careless child.

Pete a toy robot looked old but that was how Finn wanted him to look. His head was rectangular and his eyes were two big circles with glass in them, that looked like goggles and two antennas on each side of his rectangle head. He had a mouth that was a small glass rectangle, and his nose was just a small oval shaped grate running vertical in the middle of his face.

Pete donned buttons and switchs all over his square chest and it looked as if he had a small hatch there too. His arms and legs were made from a tough rubber which compacted like a accordion as a child would make him walk or move. His hands even had five movable and poseable fingers and his feet looked like shoes with a big round ball on the tip.

Yes Pete was a good looking robot only about twelve inches tall, something that looked like a child could have fun with for years and years. But there was something about this little robot that seemed different from the other toys.

Behind the glass where his eyes were a bright yellow mist swirled wildly, slowly coming to form circles with a hole in the middle, the mist started to spin slower then the black spot in the middle looked as if it was squished for a split second, as if blinking. Again and again. Then from no where a mechanical noise, it sound like someone saying “oh” out of wonder and curiosity. “Oh…” There it was again it was coming from the bright yellow eyed robot sitting on the pedestal.

“Pete.” The Little Robot said as his mouth lite up with the same yellow mist that light up his eyes, then it slowly faded as he finished his word. He looked down and grabbed the price tags on his neck and stared at it. He would tug on it and flip it over, back and forth.

The moons blue hue lite up the tiny toy shop tonight and so did a yellow one.

The Scruffy Man

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