Pre-Christmas Clean Up, Give Away, & Other Fun Things

Hello Readers!

Just to let you know I am cleaning up old post, I am removing anything with less than 5 likes. 5 likes and up are being removed from public view for now and anything with over 10 likes stays.

Why do you ask?

Well I will be letting you the reader decide what stays and goes from 5 through 9 likes. Don’t worry I am not deleting the poems for good I am just doing so cleaning up. I will most likely fix the typos and anything else and will be putting the in an ebook.

The stories that I had written, I will be finishing and putting them in ebooks also.

I have two new project in the works one of which is a handmade item that I would like to start selling. The other is an apparel company, but that will be most likely in the future. As for now I want to start focusing on my blog a little more.

By next week I will be starting the poem voting in segments 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 the winner of each will “battle” each as well as the loser.

The most active voter will be getting one of my handmade pocket notebooks. So keep that in mind!

Well now I have been working on this all night it’s time for some sleep. Also I am in the process of redesigning my site so excuse the mess.

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