What am I doing here?


I have started a course on blogging, a lot of you know (if you have read my posts in the past) that my name is Josh. I am in my 30’s I have a wife and a son and we expecting another boy on the way in May.

The last couple of weeks my blog has been transitioning into something else. I know some people will probably stop following me because I primarily did poems and creative writing.

I would like to try to do 50/50, I know some people in the poetry crowd are hardcore and they won’t even look twice at my personal blog entries and that is okay. I feel like there is more to what I have to say then poems.

I started this blog to release some creative stress and empty my brain and close to 190 poems and a year later, I am feeling I am in a better place.

I want to just say to the people who enjoy my poems, I am not done. I will always be writing. But my poems are lacking, I made it a challenge in the beginning to just write them down on the fly and not proof them or anything. A lot of my poems are filled with mistakes because I am only spending maybe 5 minutes on them and I know I can do better, I can give you better.

To the daily blogger, I have no idea what in the hell I am doing. But I read your blogs and truly enjoy them, and I would also like to join your world and blogging about some of my life adventures . So any tips or tricks maybe some mentoring would be amazing, you can find my contact information on the front page of my site.

I just want to give people something happy to read in a world filled with political, racial, gender and religious hate. I am a Christian who views the world differently the most and I believe real love is the only way this world can be fixed even if that means we have to wait (get ready I am going to use one of those religious nut job phrases) until the rapture, until Jesus brings us home.

A little about me:

My name is Joshua “of the” Conner Clan,

I love the 1940-1950’s, the music, clothes, art and design. I often feel like I was born extremely late.. I missed my stop.

I have a beard and I love it, nothing feels quite as good as when the wind is blowing through my beard on a windy day. It’s like a cape for your chin, it makes you look all heroic and stuff.

I write music, or shall I say that I try to. I play guitar and I have been playing for some time now.

Well I am going to end it here. Thank you for reading!

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