I could write about the way I feel but at the end of the day there is a person with more likes, a person who can’t come up with original content.

And here I struggle day to day with worry, should I post this poem or maybe lyrics to a song. I try to give people good content to read but lately all I see is people sharing others content and sitting on two thousand followers, but here I am the little man.

I didn’t think I would get wrapped up in the blogging/poetry star, but the bug got me and I have too much to say, still too many question in my brain, still stuck reading back what I wrote and feeling like it is all the same.

This whole time I have been trying to fill this purpose, trying not to feel worthless because I feel like I have reached some kind of invisible ceiling that is keeping me from ascending.  It it is what it is, inside I am still a scared little kid pleading and trying to convince the world that this is where my worth is.


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