Update 2017

Well I haven’t posted on here for some time now. I have been kinda busy with life stuff and to be honest I don’t have a whole lot to write about.

I think the hardest part about keeping a blog going is trying to get views and deciding if it is worth your time. Because even though you are doing something that you enjoy it is still taking time out of your day.

That makes it hard really. What little time you have as a parent is with your kids or making money to provide for them.

I never wanted to get rich. Just wanted to make some extra money to alleviate the stress of bills and do something I enjoyed doing. I still write poems almost every day most of them only in my head to be forgotten seconds later.

I would like to continue this blog, I still have many skills to share. I would hope others would find enjoyable to watch, listen, or read. I don’t really know how you get views or readers and that is probably my biggest problem. Over the next couple of days I will try and decide what I will be doing.

Thank you to everyone that has liked and commented and most of all truly enjoyed what I have done. Thank you.


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