Dear Reader, Please Read.

This morning I finished my 3rd post The Faith Switch Pt. 3 and I started wondering if I am being too hard on Christianity. Well I think I might be. But I don’t think I should have to apologize for it.

I know people look to the church as their saving grace. I also understand the importance of the church in a healthy Christian faith. The later is something I don’t have and I am not sure I even know.

The purpose of these post is not to entice a riotous behavior towards the church or those happy positive Christians that believe faith does everything from bringing back the dead to fixing a flat tire. Good for them for having that unwavering faith.

These post are simply written to help me walk through this time I am going through, or as most Christians say “season”.

I know some of the things I say may seem harsh and condescending at times they are probably meant to be. But this is the journey (season) I am going through. So if you are reading what I am writing and you get pissed because I am saying negative things about the church or the faith, then shame on you! You call yourself a Christian?!

Just kidding. If you see something I write and you have a opposing view let me hear it. I won’t jump down your throat because you have a different view. One thing I do ask. Please don’t throw scriptures at me, I am not in the place (season) to deal with that yet.

I am not sent from God for you to save or save again. So please do treat me that way. I don’t care to hear the fluffy Christian faith stuff. I am hear to talk out real issues about why being called a Christian and doing Christian activities is so important to the faith. Is it even relevant because of what Jesus did on the cross and after the cross?

I would love to hear what you have to say about the things that I post. So please don’t be afraid to comment. Thank You.


3 thoughts on “Dear Reader, Please Read.

  1. Hi, Scruffy. This is the first post of yours that I’ve stumbled across, so I can’t say too much about having been offended by anything that you’ve written before. I can say though that I think it’s great that you are asking yourself questions and looking for answers, not accepting things blindly. Sometimes this is exactly what it takes, and I have to believe that we are all stronger for journeying through times like this. Anyway, I’ll be reading some of your other posts, but just wanted yo to know that I think this was was really good. (One more thing…I really do like your sentence “I am not sent from God for you to save or save again.” What I like about that is that I’ve seen too often the focus of evangelism being on the one doing the evangelizing, not on what Jesus did on the cross.) Anyway, nice post!

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    1. Thank you! This has been a big struggle the past few months for me and the thought I would share some of my thoughts and questions. I really do I hope I make it out of this a stronger Christian and a better person. I really appreciate your comment! I hope you enjoy the reads.

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