Finding Fellowship.

I think one of the big issues of guilt I have is not going to church. Sure I talk a lot of crap about the mechanics of church but wentnit comes down to it I do believe fellowship is important.

I remember when I was younger my mom frantically tried to find us a church and every one we went to seem to be self centered or gave of a feeling of dishonesty.

The sermons would consist of a lot of I’s and also a lot of talk about how the Lord gave someone a new house or a new car (and I am not talking about someone in need).

I had a great grand parent get sued by a church over tithe money. I have see things done in a church that shouldn’t have been done and I fought over girls in a church with my brothers and friends. Church has a very negative effect on me.

I know the importance of fellowship in Christianity and I feel like it is someone thing I am completely missing and I would benefit from it greatly.

How do I find a church in a city I have lived only 3 years in? My wife and I went to a non denominational church that one of my coworkers went to. It was okay but it was very small and most of the church goers were twice my age and they had no nursery and we started going after we had our son. That church lasted about 3 months.

Plus I am not a people person so the thought of meeting new people scares the shit out of me. 

I know the benefits of going to church but the task of finding on perfect for me and my family seems unattainable.

Do you go to church?

If not why?

How did you find your church?

Do you have to agree 100% with your church to be able to find your perfect church?

How important is church to you?

Let me know your answers in the comment section!

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